Quotation inquiry for Surface Drives price

Quotation inquiry for Surface Drives price

Feel free to fill in your boat technical information for SDS calculation and surface piercing propeller calculation, our sales team will contact you shortly. Our Surface Drive System and surface piercing propellers are specially adapted to planing hulls ship design for new boat or remotorization.

The accuracy of the given information will determine the success of your installation.

For Surface Drives price, you must fill-in our data sheet for calculation, we will send you an offer with a complete package of SDS Surface Drives and surface piercing propellers made by FRANCE HELICES.

Contact us for your marine propulsion systems.

Every navigation project is unique, which is why we attach great importance to the customization of our marine propulsion system solutions. We have great experience in the design of surface drives and propellers for various types of powerboats from luxury yachts, catamaran to commercial vessels and fast patrol boats. We work closely with our clients naval architects and shipyards to understand their needs and constraints, in order to propose tailor-made solutions adapted to their ship application.

We also offer a wide range of services, from design and manufacturing to installation and maintenance. We are able to provide complete propulsion systems for a turnkey project, or work with you at every stage of the process to offer you a tailored service that will meet your specific needs.

At France Hélices, we are proud of our reputation for quality, reliability and customer service in the marine industry.

We are convinced that we can offer you a marine propulsion solution that will meet your highest demands.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further enquiries, or to obtain a personalized quote. We look forward to working with you to complete your navigation project.