Online boat Surface Drives SDS calculator

Online boat Surface Drives SDS calculator

Online surface drives calculator

With our Online boat Surface Drives SDS calculator, you can simulate all your SDS propulsion ships projects easily !

Surface Drive System are adapted for planing hull boat type (from 10 to 40m boat) as yachts/patrol boats/coast guards/police boats/patrol boats

Feel free to fill in your boat technical information, our simulator will calculate the torque and estimate the appropriate model for your boat.

This program does not make any speed prediction.
To get a performance calculation contact us. Our SDS engineering team will be glad to support your on your vessel project equipped with surface drives.

Note that this calculator is only a simulation, please fill in the QUOTATION INQUIRY for a complete study including expected performances and SDS model selection.

If your vessel requires more than a pair of drives (more than 2 drives), please contact us, we will be pleased to offer a customized complete marine transmissions package.

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A suitable SDS Surface Drive System model
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Engine torque calculation

All engine manufacturers (MTU, Caterpillar, Volvo Penta, FTP…) supply the engine power curve, look at the maximum power and maximum revolution.
Example : 420 horsepower @ 3300 rpm.
The torque is : T (kg.m) = 716,2 x Power (hp) / Revolutions ( Revs/min)
In that case the engine torque is : T = 716,2 x 420 / 3300 = 91,15 kg.m

Drive input torque

The torque to be used for SDS drive selection is the input torque, so the engine torque has to be multiplied by the gear ratio.

Check the table for the suitable SDS surface drives model

Maximum torque chart Kg/m

For surface piercing propeller calculation, please contact us to determinate the model, and rotation.